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Street muffler

Designed to work with the Zstory exhaust line, this silencer is made from stainless-steel and can be quickly fitted to any S30.

Neatly tucking up under the body, it provides a discreet profile and classic look with rimmed edges as was supplied +40 years ago!

It comes with all necessary fittings ; clamp and straps and Zstory holds stocks of all parts in case of later street/road /competition damage or loss.


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Zstory exhaust systems are currently fitted to numerous competition cars – they have passed FIA homologation scrutiny but many more street, fast road and track-day versions also.
It accompanies a wide range of engine sizes and states of preparation from L20As to the biggest strokers.

Zstory has chosen its current diameter to be the optimum for the majority of (normally-aspirated) engine applications ; big enough to exit the gases quickly and easily at high engine revolutions, small enough to reduce the dBs and still sound great!

The interior dimensions also optimise the sound-deadening without compromising performance.*

Seperate from the ‘S’-pipe to allow for:
– easier initial fitting,
– partial dismantling for easier servicing under the car – brakes, bodywork, diff and suspension,
– the replacement due to accident damage, especially rally and slammed-street cars.

⇒ Solid T-bolt clamp for a secure connection.
⇒ Stainless-steel (201 austenitic 1.25mm) ensures a long life – fit and forget!
⇒ Complete kit which fits all S30s – all parts included for home fitting.
⇒ Snug, high fit (rally and slammed Zs!) – low systems look ‘untidy’ especially from the side.
⇒ Great classic, power-look for your Z!
⇒ Can be removed and swapped at any time for the JDM version.

⇒ Interior tube diameter : 1x63mm /2.5’’ entry and 1x63mm / 2.5’’ internal and exit.
⇒ 63mm / 2.5’’ internal diameter.
⇒ 380mm long and 150mm diameter.

From 2017, whether 2x seater or 2+2, the Zstory exhaust line will be supplied without a rear silencer/muffler allowing you, the customer to choose your preference:
– JDM: the twin-vertical exit version, commonly mistaken as a ‘Z432’; it was in fact optional on all JDM Fairlady Zs but OEM only on the Z432s.

Don’t forget to look at the JDM silencer page in order to define your choice and please don’t hesitate to contact me for advice.