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S130 (280ZX) headers +downpipes

The Zstory exhaust manifold has evolved from a prolific header (NLA), widely praised and fitted to many S30s and S130s alike. Vastly improved using the well-known Zstory ‘thick’ flange which fits with all head types, wider diameter primary pies with high-quality welding and longer secondary tubing.

This 280ZX manifold has been optimized for performance and is designed to fit both 2x seater and 2+2 models, made from 201 (austenitic) 1.25mm stainless-steel for its own protection and longevity, the primary pipes have a 1 5/8’’ (40mm) internal diameter leading to twin secondary pipes of 45mm (int. diameter) secured via twin T-bolt clamps.

Zstory has chosen its’ current pipe diameters to be the optimum for the majority of (normally-aspirated) engine applications ; big enough to exit the gases quickly and easily at high engine revolutions, small enough to give optimum back-pressure and increase low-rev torque.


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Zstory exhaust systems are currently fitted to numerous competition cars – they have passed FIA homologation scrutiny and have been also successfully fitted to many more street, fast road and track-day cars.

It accompanies a wide range of engine sizes and states of preparation from L20As to medium strokers but not for turbocharged cars!

The mid-bore, primary and secondary pipes evacuate the exhaust gases and particles with a high-flow velocity rate which permits a quick throttle response and good torque throughout the low-to-mid power-band range which is essentiel for the small to mid engine sizes.

The long primary pipes matched to a long 2-1 collector pipe, reduce back-pressure (or scavenging effect**) to ensure an optimum exhaust flow but also an efficient inlet performance!

Seperate pipe-work to allow for:
– easier initial fitting with multiple adjustments possible in length,
– partial dismantling for easier servicing under the car – clutch, gearbox and bodywork,
– the replacement of any pipework due to accident damage, especially competition and lowered-street cars,
– less expensive expedition to clients as the packaging is more compact.

A performance improvement with better breathability allowing for a quicker engine reaction whether on the track, fast road or normal street use.

⇒ Solid T-bolt and V-band clamps for a secure and leak-proof exhaust line.
⇒ Stainless-steel ensures a long life – fit and forget !
⇒ Complete kit, supplied with gasket – no running down to the shops.
⇒ Excellent fit for LHD and RHD cars.
⇒ Great ‘professional-look’ and sound for your ZX !
⇒ Value-enhancing.
⇒ Fits both 2x seater and 2+2 versions.

6-2 primary pipes and rectangular ports:
⇒ 40mm internal diameter primary pipes
⇒ 45mm internal diameter secondary pipes
Primary pipe flange to 3-2 joint lengths:
⇒ 1 to 3 = 340mm / 270mm / 230mm
⇒ 4 to 6 = 300mm / 290mm / 300mm

Secondary pipe lengths:
⇒ 1 to 3 = 500mm
⇒ 4 – 6 = 360mm

Y-pipe collector lengths:
⇒ 1 to 3 = 310mm
⇒ 4 – 6 = 340mm

Overall total lengths:
⇒ 1 to 3 = 1150mm
⇒ 4 – 6 = 10900mm

A twin 40mm (int. diameter) downpipe which fits between the existing OEM exhaust manifold and the Zstory S130 exhaust line which as the above fits both 2x seater and 2+2 models.

The advantage is obvious: no need to replace the OEM exhaust manifold (if still in good condition – check for splits) nor remove and refit the inlet manifold saving time and money. It cannot be expected to perform as well as the Zstory exhaust manifold but still much better than the stock and most after-market exhaust lines.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for advice