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I suppose Zstory began back in late 2003 when I started looking to import 240Zs from the USA to Europe which began in earnest in 2004. I was also engaged with Dave Jarman of DJ Road and Race in a long-term restoration and preparation of a 240Z L31 stroker which finished in 2006.

This project throw up the problem of sourcing good quality exhaust manifolds and systems at reasonable cost which pretty much eliminates those to be via the USA and Japan for opposite reasons ; the USA parts are cheap and cheerful and the Japanese parts are excellent but sooo expensive: both end up costing a lot to land here with shipping and customs added!

Dave, a well-known 240Z racer and preparer of competitive cars since the early/mid ‘80s, and I talked about setting up a company to produce them and DJS30 was incorporated (Dézart-Jarman) and S30, well, you can work that bit out yourself – we were company directors!

Developement, financing and finding the correct manufacturer all took time as both of had day-time jobs, families… a life and we were also committed to suppling other, mechanical parts for Zs.

The first exhaust systems were sold back in 2010 and after a couple of batches, Dave wanted out to concentrate on his BTCC Nissan Primera and developping a national racing series.
We cordially agreed to wind up DJS30 and I registered Zstory as an sole-trader over here in France and took over all the affairs including the liabilities of the former company.

“Great cars
need great parts,

which drives me to continually develop Zstory.”



My history with Zs goes back to my first 240Z in 1989 after which I’ve almost owned every model but always keeping my 240Z to hand which has just undertaken a long (and costly) thorough restoration.

Before I left the UK in 1993, I was Chairman of the UK Z Club during which in 1992, we launched what are common today – Japanese car weekends! A member of the Dutch Z club where I lived for 4 years having imported my 240Z and then member of two Datsun Z related clubs here in France from 1998 before co-founding in 2001 what has become Club Datsun-France.

Still President of this club, we have seen active membership quadruple with many, many more present on the on-line forum which represents

the entire Datsun range and holds much useful documentation and negociated member’s discounts with several parts suppliers.

Today, I am still proud to work with three other passionate Z friends for the promotion of the cars and to assist actuel and potentiel owners to multiply the quantity of Zs seen in public whether they be on the road or in competition. And great cars need great parts which drives me to continually develop Zstory exhausts to be the best value, quality product you can offer your Zs!

Mottos? Never become complacent ; standing still is going backwards and I treat clients as I wish to be treated myself – with respect, advice/good communication and great after-sales support!

Other parts frequently available include: tow-eyes, gear-knobs, strut-braces, composite panels, inlet manifolds, cars made to measure, spare parts (mainly 240Z).

Want to know where Zstory customers are all around the world?