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Zstory Street/Sport header / manifold

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Based upon the Nissan factory racing manifold/ header, which was originally conceived to fit right-hand-drive JDM competition S30s and available through their Nissan Sports catalogue. Zstory has since redesigned and improved it to fit perfectly upon all* LH and RH drive S30s.

Zstory has continually strived to evolve the manifold to fulfill modern-day customer demands and had made it from 201 (austenitic) 1.25mm stainless-steel for its own protection and longevity. With less pipe welds and a thicker flange specifically trimmed to fit all heads and blocks, it allows for matched porting with improved-flow cylinder heads.

The 6-2 configuration is generally accepted as being the most suitable for the widest range of engine applications. Zstory has further developed that conception with the 2-1 merging as far back as possible before the first silencer.

The Y-pipe (2-1) collector has a built-in lambda sensor plug and bung to allow accurate engine testing and real-time surveillance and finishes with a V-band clamp fitting to the exhaust line for leak-free and easy mounting/disassembly.

The manifold’s primary pipes have an internal diameter of 40mm. It is important to stress the internal diameter of the pipes because the earlier, cast-iron versions were measured externally and had thicker piping!

  • Applications

    This manifold was originally designed for competition cars and now also meets the demand for the growing popularity of improved* track-day and street/fast-road engines (see below).

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  • Benefits

    The mid-bore, primary and secondary pipes evacuate the exhaust gases and particles with a high gas-flow volume and also velocity rate.

    A high-flow volume throughout the mid-to-high power-band range allows for maximum performance

    A high-flow velocity permits quick throttle response and good torque throughout the low-to-mid power-band range.

    The primary pipes matched to a long 2-1 collector pipe, create a correct back-pressure (or scavenging effect**) to ensure an excellent exhaust flow but also an efficient inlet performance!

    Bigger-bore primary pipes and exhaust line bore are not necessarily better – a manifold and line ought to be ‘tuned’ to your engine’s needs.

    Seperate pipe-work to allow partial dismantling for:
    – easier initial fitting,
    – easier servicing under the car – clutch, gearbox and differential,
    – the replacement of any pipework due to accident damage, especially competition and lowered-street cars,
    – less expensive expedition to clients as packing is more compact.

    ⇒ Solid T-bolt and V-band clamps for a secure and leak-proof exhaust line.
    ⇒ A thick flange for the fitting with all inlet manifold types.
    ⇒ Stainless-steel ensures a long life – fit and forget!
    ⇒ Complete kit – all included for home fitting : straps, clamps and gaskets.

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  • Dimensions

    6-2 primary pipes and rectangular ports.
    ⇒ The flange thickness is 15mm
    ⇒ The height of the manifold ports is 38mm
    ⇒ The width of the two inner ports is 35mm
    ⇒ The width of the 4x outer ports is 29mm
    ⇒ Primary pipes (40mm internal diameter) leading to 2x equal length secondary pipes of 50mm internal diameter each.
    ⇒ Single secondary end-pipe of 63mm fits directly onto the common exhaust line of 63mm (2.5’’).
    ⇒ Primary pipes = an average of 620mm long, becoming  3-1after between 380mm (pipes 1-3) and 90mm (pipes 4-6)
    ⇒ Secondary pipe = 610mm long
    ⇒ Overall length from engine head to single exhaust pipe = 1m40cm

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  • Typical Applications

    Stock* to moderately improved L24-L28 engines up to 250bhp

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  • Carburetors or  injection?

    Will work with twin 240Z SUs, 2’’ SUs, triple carbs and ITBs.

    *admission systems are expected to be improved too and the current manifold is incompatible with late 240Z and all 260Z ‘flat-top’ carburettors. I am currently looking at modifying the design to accept these carbs IF there’ll be no performance compromise. The alternative today is either to fit the Race-Sport manifold or change to 240Z SUs / triples.
    **read more of that later in the specific section on this website!

    I recommend that you consult with me before deciding – what are your expectations and why I have 3x versions to choose from!